I am teaching six courses at Bryant & Stratton College. Please sign up for classes on the College website. If you have any questions about course topics, feel free to message us, and a teaching staff member will respond as soon as possible.

Math 309: Statistics

Math 309 is designed to provide a basis for business decisions through an introduction to the fundamental concepts of statistics and the important methods of statistical inference. 

Math 201: College Mathematics - Quantitative Reasoning

Math 201 helps students develop quantitative literacy skills for their personal and professional lives.  Students will use reasoning and mathematical methods to find solutions to real-world problems.  Students will use algebraic, financial, proportional, probabilistic, and statistical methods to draw conclusions and/or make decisions.  

Math 112: Analytical Mathematics 

Students develop the mathematical skills required for the pursuit of a technical degree.  Intermediate algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric manipulation is used to obtain a solution.  An analysis of the solution is reviewed to determine the reasonableness of the answer.  Also, calculations involving numbers in base two, ten, and sixteen. 

Math 101: Workplace Mathematics

Math 101 helps students learn and apply concepts relating to various workplace situations. Learners will gain a fundamental understanding of the connectivity across course disciplines that incorporate numerical calculations, ratios, proportions, percent, measurement, algebraic concepts, and the ability to communicate numerical information visually. 

Math 077: Pre-College Math

This course improves students’ mathematical abilities essential for life and college-level study.  In addition to reviewing basic mathematical operations, students will focus on solving workplace and personal math problems that require them to interpret charts and graphs and apply measurement concepts.  Students will also learn how to successfully interpret and solve word problems.  Finally, this course will provide students with study skills necessary for college success.  

INFT 124: Computing Skills

This course introduces students to the basic use of computer hardware and software, electronic communication, and the Internet.  Students will develop and utilize their technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in working with office technology in order to efficiently perform tasks and complete projects for contemporary academic, professional, and personal use.  Students will apply fundamental theoretical, analytical, and problem-solving strategies to advance their understanding of computer literacy.