In geometry, an angle is formed by two rays or line segments that share a common endpoint, known as the vertex. Angles are measured in degrees and are fundamental to understanding geometric shapes, relationships, and transformations.

Key Concepts:

Types of Angles with Examples and Drawings:

These examples and drawings illustrate various types of angles, their measurements, and relationships. Understanding angles is essential for solving geometric problems, describing shapes, and analyzing spatial configurations.


Explain (Geometry) Triangles, Different Kinds, and Give Examples



Triangles in Geometry:

A triangle is a polygon with three sides, three vertices, and three angles. Triangles are fundamental geometric shapes and play a crucial role in geometry. They are classified based on side lengths and angle measures.

Classification of Triangles:

Special Cases:

Triangles are versatile geometric shapes with properties and classifications that are fundamental to understanding geometry. They are extensively used in various mathematical and scientific applications.