Word Problems

Word problems are a practical way to apply basic math concepts to real-life situations. They require you to read, understand, and solve a problem by using mathematical operations. Here are some basic math word problems with solutions:

Addition Word Problem:

Subtraction Word Problem: 

2. Problem: You had 10 marbles, and you gave 4 to your friend. How many marbles do you have left?

Solution: To find the number of marbles you have left, subtract 4 from 10.
Answer: You have 6 marbles left.

Multiplication Word Problem: 

3. Problem: If there are 6 boxes of crayons, and each box contains 12 crayons, how many crayons are there in total?

Solution: Multiply the number of boxes (6) by the number of crayons in each box (12).
Answer: There are 72 crayons in total.

Division Word Problem: 

4. Problem: You have 24 candies, and you want to share them equally among 4 friends. How many candies will each friend get?

Solution: Divide the total number of candies (24) by the number of friends (4).
Answer: Each friend will get 6 candies.

Mixed Operations Word Problem: 

5. Problem: You want to buy a toy that costs $15, and you have $25. How much change will you receive if you buy the toy?

Solution: To find the change, subtract the cost of the toy ($15) from the amount you have ($25).
Answer: You will receive $10 in change.

Time Word Problem: 

6. Problem: You start your homework at 4:30 PM and finish at 6:15 PM. How long did it take to complete your homework?

Solution: Subtract the starting time (4:30 PM) from the finishing time (6:15 PM).
Answer: It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete your homework.

Money Word Problem:

7. Problem: You want to buy a book for $18. You give the cashier a $20 bill. How much change will you receive?

Solution: Subtract the cost of the book ($18) from the amount you gave the cashier ($20).
Answer: You will receive $2 in change.

Measurement Word Problem: 

8. Problem: A rectangular room is 12 feet long and 8 feet wide. What is the area of the room?

Solution: Multiply the length (12 feet) by the width (8 feet) to find the area.
Answer: The area of the room is 96 square feet.

Fraction Word Problem: 

9. Problem: You ate 2/3 of a pizza, and there are 4 slices left. How many slices were there in the whole pizza?

Solution: To find the total number of slices in the whole pizza, divide the number of slices left (4) by the fraction you ate (2/3).
Answer: There were 6 slices in the whole pizza.

Word problems are a great way to apply your math skills to real-life situations and develop problem-solving abilities. Remember to carefully read the problem, identify the mathematical operations needed, and provide clear and concise answers.